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SignWise Services software enables identifying customers identity, electronic document signing and user authentication with strong electronic identity. The service streamlines access control and provides quality and convenient online services. SignWise Services helps to develop trusted and secure infrastructure to authenticate and validate identities and electronically sign business documents. Electronic signatures  given with SignWise rely on eIDAS and qualified certificates.

Different signature levels

By creating a trusted environment with Trust Service Providers , SignWise Services platform  for Trust Trust Service providers and enterprises enables organizations to manage the entire life cycle of a digital document — to automate and speed up business processes and to do it both, domestically and across borders.

  • Offers advanced security, performance, and support.
  • Enables white label branding of notifications transmitted between parties during the signing process.
  • Supports all of the most common electronic document formats.
  • Service providers can grow their business by selling the best end-user authentication and e-signing service available to date that can also be installed on-premises if required.
  • Enterprises can take advantage of all of these features and benefits through the SignWise Services or, if required, then as well through an on-premises solution.
  • SignWise complexly takes care of SignWise Services development, maintenance, and support.
  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Substantial ROI.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Forms, Document generations, sequence-based sharing and signing process, multiple signers, multiple signatures and numerous documents signed inside one signature transaction.
  • SignWise Browser Module and SignWise API included.
  • Rapid integration when using its JSON REST API, avoiding the complexity of typical PKI solutions’ integration.
  • 3rd party eID’s support ensuring that existing investments in tokens will not be lost when users start to use SignWise Services
  • No need to change existing information systems or workflows.

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Why you need SignWise Services ?

Imagine yourself in 2018, where the use of electronic identification, electronic signatures and the other trust services is a daily reality and where citizens, companies and public administrations safely access services and can do every kind of transaction online and across borders in just “one click”. Wow, do you think this is science fiction? It most definitely is not.

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Functionalities in SignWise Services

SignWise Services offers you functionality where your users and customers can use their electronic identity if they must give an electronic signature. Most of the electronic signatures which are given through SignWise Services has the same legal power, responsibility and liability as a handwritten signature, and it is fully compliant with the EU eIDAS.

  • Service is EU eIDAS compliant
  • Supported token types: smart cards, ID-cards, USB stick, flash card, Mobile ID platforms
  • Supporting X509v3 certificates
  • Support for “List of the Lists” and custom trustlist are supported if needed
  • PAdES and XAdES electronic signature baseline support
  • Supports a wide range of HASH algorithms – from SHA1 to SHA512, including less common SHA224.
  • Support for both RSA and ECDSA key algorithms.
  • Mobile ID technology support (SignWise mobile-ID, SK mobile ID, Valimo)
  • Secure sharing/delivery of electronic documents
  • Secure sharing/delivery of electronic documents for obtaining e-signature(s)
  • Shared/delivered documents’ access rights determination.
  • Confidential information (documents) can be stored under the organization’s supervision
  • Electronic Notifications – SMS and email(s)
  • Electronic Signature Validation (ASiC, PAdES and XAdES electronic signature baseline)
  • Customer based predefined templates
  • Customized and customer signature marks (badges)
  • Mobile ID aka Wireless PKI platform (optional)
  • White label document signing portal (optional)
  • Web Browser Module – software component for Web Browsers which allows clients and customers to do electronic authentication an helps them to give electronic signature

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About the service provider

SignWise Corporation LTD was founded in 2014 and is one of the world leaders in eSignature and authentication technology.

Headquarters is located in London, UK

SignWise operating and developing authentication and electronic signature network for mobile network operators, enterprises and financial sector.  We helps to digitally manage document-based transactions with electronic signing, strong user authentication, signature validation, document e-delivery, document creation and more.

SignWise Services trust network competitive edge lies in the cross-use of various countries’ e-identities and qualified certificates for authentication and electronic signing.

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