Can the service provider collect and process data about me?

The service provider collects, processes and stores the following data on the client and users, some of which allow to identify the client or users:

  • Upon registering to use the services as a natural person: first and last name, ID code, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile ID and/or regular telephone number, credit card information;
  • Upon registering to use the services as a legal person: name, registry code, registered address, location address, VAT number (if available), website address, e-mail addresses (general, contact, technical contact, accountant), credit card information;
  • upon issuing an invoice, the client’s name, address and other information necessary to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act;
  • upon visiting the website, the IP address of the user’s computer;
  • session information of client or user accounts;
  • changes in information, preferences and access information of the client or user account.

Personal data are processed under the Personal Data Protection Act, other information in conformity with the terms of service and the law.

Data, including personal data are processed to identify the client or user, provide services and forward information in cases agreed upon in the contract or established in the terms of service or the law.

If the user uploads files containing personal data, incl. sensitive personal data, to the services, then the service provider treats this user or the client connected to the user as a chief processor of personal data, who must ensure that the data are processed as prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Act.

Upon creating a client account and user account, the client and user respectively agree that the service provider may:

  • send information to their e-mail address about the service provider and the services;
  • process the user’s data for constant improvement and personalisation of the services;
  • anonymise data before processing so that the user cannot be identified, and process or forward these for processing anonymously to contractual partners for other purposes.

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