What is a mobileID?

MobileID is a upgrade of the traditional online authentication and digital signing; the SIM card of one’s mobile phone works as an identity tool.
Mobile Identity enables legally binding authentication and transaction signing for online banking, payment confirmation, corporate services, and consuming online content. The user’s certificates are maintained on the telecom operator’s SIM card and in order to use them, the user has to enter a personal, secret PIN code. When using Mobile Identity, no separate card reader is needed, as the phone itself already performs both functions.
In contrast to other approaches, the mobile phone in conjunction with a mobile signature-enabled SIM card offers the same security and superior ease of use than for example smart cards in existing digital identity management systems. Smart card-based digital identities can only be used in conjunction with a card reader and a PC.

Currently we support mobileID solutions from Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Finland.

Do you want create own mobileID solution? No problem. Connect with our sales team and we will find solution for you.


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