Looking for proper MobileID solution?

Most of the days in the year we talk about MobileID solutions and how good it is. But we forget that most of the solutions what we will find from the market are not secure and we can’t use them for strong digital identity.  In this post, I will talk shortly about a MobileID solution which is secure, used by Estonians and can be implemented with 90 days.

For most of the people, MobileID is a digital identity inside of your mobile phone. We can compare it with state issued ID-cards and it offers secure customer authentication and document eSigning solution for banks, service providers, and public sector.  It is a powerful “Single-ID-solution” which means one digital identity can be used for all different services. Using secure SIM cards and proved PKI technology we are sure that this most secure solution for remote signing with mobile phones.  And the good news is that this solution can be can be implemented as SaaS, PaaS or On-Premise with low setup costs and it is easy to start earning money from day one.

What are the MobileID benefits?

It´s not a secret that most of the service providers who need such service are coming from banking and egov sector.  We even think that in the countries where we see higher bureaucracy or where all electronic invoices must be signed we see higher MobileID usage.

Mobile-ID Value propositions for different partners
  • Government More and more eServices, eState – services are online. One trusted digital identity for everybody who has mobile phone and better usability.
  • Citizens One Mobile based login solution, No needs for different passwords. Fast digitally signed agreements. Saving time. New online services.
  • eService providers, One trusted identity you can trust and start using. No costs for self-made solutions, decrease of costs. More and more services to online, fewer employees and costs. Less physical service desks.
  • MNO New potential customers who are more tied with  Mobile Network Operator, New SIM issued, New monthly income, Revenue sharing, Additional and innovative service
  • CA More certificates will be issued, More transactions will be done, More income
  • Private companies, Online transactions, Digital signing of agreements, On-line communication with the state. Faster business.

MobileID solution components

Mobile-ID ecosystem
  • SIM card– With cooperation with Mobile Network Operator we provide for the market SIM cards for MobileID. All SIM cards are tested with Mobile-ID solutions. At least EAL4+ SIM cards are used.
  • SIM Applet – MobileID applet on the SIM card, with PKI private keys. SIM Applet supports 2048 keys and ECC256 cryptography.
  • Mobile-ID platform – Mobile ID transaction server which enables to compose and encrypt the MobileID messages and provides infrastructure for services provider use cases where customer strong authentication and document signing is required or mandatory.
  • X509v2 certificates –  All certificates will be issued by the partner or local CA.
  • Services providers – Services providers can allow customers to use MobileID for eAuthentication, eSigning, eDocument delivery and eSignature verification.

Interested in implementing the Mobile-ID solution,  consultation or just want to talk about it? You a free to contact directly with me by email ott.sarv[at]signwiseservices.com.


Ott Sarvfounder@SignWise Services and electronic identity expert.

manager @SignWise Services and electronic identity expert

I have primarily worked as an R&D visionary and adviser for PKI-based authentication, eSigning, eSignature validation and eAuthorization services. I was part of the team that worked on the Estonian electronic identity for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, creating service portals for local authorities and annual electronic reports submission system for the e-Business Registry – winning the Best e-Government Solution award at the World Summit Award in 2011.

Learn more about electronic identity and document signing trends and how you can get the support for your business by contacting SignWise Services team now.

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