UPDATE: Setting up support levels for SLA

Summary of Changes to SignWise Services Terms of Service

We’ve updated our Terms of Service (“Terms”), which will be effective starting October, 2017. 

On July 13, 2017, we made some tweaks to the Terms of Service to address the new list of support levels and also to provide a “human readable” translation of the terms.

What we have NOT changed

We have not changed your ability to use our products and services. You may continue to access your SignWise Services account and use our products and services as you always have.

If you have a separate contract with SignWise Corporation Limited covering your account and use of our services, these new Terms will not apply to you.

What we HAVE changed

July 13, 2017 Changes:

We have changed the SLA support levels and tone of the Terms to make them easier to understand by taking out as much legalese as our lawyers will allow.

Here is a list of some of the bigger changes we want to point out to you:

ST-1 Incident management

Incident’s priority

Reaction time Solution time

Critical working hours

Non-critical working hours

Critical working hours

Non-critical working hours


5 min

By the beginning of critical working hours or by 9:00 (UTC+1) the latest

8 h

24 h or by the beginning of critical working hours


2 h

By the beginning of critical working hours or by 11:00 (UTC+1) the latest

24 h

24 h or by the beginning of critical working hours

Low 8 h 24 h In the next release

In the next release

Reaction time – time from the incident’s submission until its resolution.

Solution time – time from the incident’s submission until service’s normal operation is restored.

Critical – service is not responding or the implemented functionality is unusable in the frame of the main business process.

Medium – malfunctions of business-critical features of the service which affect over 10% of users, and malfunctions of other features, which affect over 50% of users.

Low – minor malfunctions and errors occur in the service, which does not directly impede the main business process.

ST2 – Problem and change management

Tier 2 comes into play when the Tier 1 technician is unable to solve the query within the set resolution time frames. This escalation may arise out of the product/device, which may be technically complex therefore requiring the intervention at Tier 2.

The nature of Tier 2 queries may range from advanced features, product bugs or failures. The task here is to diagnose and resolve issues related to these applications and components by Understanding the environment in which the customer operates and funnel it to the specific problems.

Undertaking simulation checks in a lab, if the problem remains untraceable.

ST2 – Engineering support

The Tier-3 support acts as a support team on behalf of the technology creator. The aim is to find
a solution from the technology creator as the nature of the problem is complex and needs design level interaction like developing a new patch and release it.

While we’ve done our best to make our Terms complete, readable, and understandable, you may still have additional questions. We get that. So, feel free to contact our support team at support@signwiseservices.com.

Learn more about electronic identity and document signing trends and how you can get the support for your business by contacting SignWise Services team now.

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